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Why is commercial truck inspection important?

Truck Safety Inspections save more than money.

Safety is the most important reason to inspect any vehicle. A vehicle defect found during an inspection can help you avoid problems in the future. Breakdowns cost your business time and dollars, and an accident could cost someone their life. In order to ensure that your vehicle is safe to drive, and to protect the safety of others, regular inspections are absolutely necessary.

A broken taillight, cracked windshield, defective suspension component or other defect can make a vehicle unsafe to drive. That's why it's important to make sure your vehicle is always in good repair, not just when you're going to have your vehicle inspected. During the commercial inspection, over 70 items are subject to a thorough inspection meeting federal standards to ensure that commercial vehicles are in safe operating condition.

Greenhouse Gases & Climate Change.

Poor air quality has negative environmental and economic impacts, as well as harming people's health. There is scientific consensus that our climate is changing, largely as a result of the combustion of fossil fuels. This produces carbon dioxide (CO2) and other "greenhouse gases" that form a "blanket" of pollution, trapping heat in our atmosphere, warming the earth and causing climate instability that can lead to severe storms, droughts, floods, heat waves, rising sea levels and hostile changes to ecosystems.

Testing motor vehicles through the Massachusetts Vehicle Check Program helps ensure that vehicles run as cleanly as they were designed. If an emissions test shows a problem with the emissions control system, the vehicle's owner is required to make the appropriate repairs.


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Truck inspections are vital for safety, efficiency, and health.

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Massachusetts Vehicle Inspections

Annual State Inspections

All vehicles driven on Massachusetts roads must pass an annual safety inspection.

Vehicles with onboard diagnostic systems must pass an annual emissions test unless older than 15 years.

The Massachusetts Commercial Motor Vehicle Inspection is equivalent to the annual Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) U.S. Dept. of Transportation (DOT) Inspection. This allows motor vehicle owners to meet state and federal requirements with one inspection.

Learn more about Mass State Vehicle Inspections: